Why I'm a bad blogger (and I kind of don't care)

There are things that 'good bloggers' should do. And there are things that you should never do. I often find my efforts falling more into the second category than the first. I guess it happens.
So, here in no particular order are the bad things that I do and my excuses reasons why I'm OK with that.
1. You should be consistent with your blog.
Pick one topic and stick to that. People know what to expect and will like you more because of it. See Pioneer Woman with cooking, Mabel's House with design, The Lettered Cottage also with design (and, I even have Brad checking that blog!)
I don't do this. Why? I have too much random crap to talk about. A while back, I had two blogs. This one (but it was anonymous) and one for the house. But then I thought my few readers here would want to hear about the house, so I abandoned that one moved house stuff here. So, yes, sometimes I post cake pictures or house projects or whine about my family, but that's all who I am, so I assume people are OK with that.
2. Make sure you post consistently.
Have a schedule, either a few times a week, certain days or at least once a week. If you drop off the face of the blogosphere, people might forget why they read your blog.
Um, I love you guys, but I have a life. A life filled with me watching TV, sitting on the couch crocheting, cooking, stuff like that – AND WORK! Yes, work! Sometimes life just gets in the way and the blog gets pushed to the side. Especially when I do stupid stuff like try to write a novel in a month (which, let's not talk about how that's going, OK?)
3. A good blogger gives in order to receive.
If you want to generate traffic to your blog, you have to reciprocate. Get out there and comment! Let other bloggers know you're reading, plus, your witty comments give their readers the opportunity to see how clever you are!
Right. See, these are the same people that have a link under their comment that gets you right to their blog despite the fact that you could do that by clicking on their name/photo. I don't like it. If you want to comment because you have something 'great' to add, go for it. Otherwise, take your blog pimin' somewhere else. Also, while I usually like posts, I feel stupid leaving a comment saying 'That's so funny!' or god forbid, 'LOL!' So I usually don't. But know, I probably read your post, even if I didn't leave a comment.
4. Don't get too personal.
A blog is not about you, it's about your readers. Give them what they want. 
Really? I love you guys, but seriously, this is kind of about me. I don't think your blog is about me. It's about you. And yes, I probably get way too personal. I get that, but again, that's me. This is my life, this is how I deal – I post highly inappropriate and personal crap and air my dirty laundry for all the world to read.

Those are just a few of the glaring things that make me a bad blogger, but I'm OK with all of it. Take it or leave it. I am who I am. What about you? Why are you a bad blogger? Do you care?


  1. I don't care that you don't have a theme. Neither do I. It's more just whatever we are interested in at the time. I have tons of blogs like that in my reader. And I don't care that you don't have a schedule. I'd like you to post more only because I like reading what you have to say. But I'm totally fine with "whenever the mood strikes". And I'm glad you don't care about traffic. I definitely prefer an "If you build it, they will come" approach. Bottom line: You're not a bad blogger. Except that you post pictures of delicious treats and technology has not yet been able to allow you to zap those treats to me via Twitter. So I just have to look at them and drool.

  2. oh, I'm a bad one. Believe me, my social media husband has tried to help me out with that some... :)

    For me personally - I read different blogs for different reasons: some for a specific subject, and some because I want to know that person better. I would say the one thing that will make or break a blog for me is whether that person is an engaging writer. No matter how much I want to know about you or your topic, I simply can't make myself keep reading mediocre (or bad) writing.

    So - on that point, you have me. You are an engaging writer, and someone I want to know better. I am so grateful for this space that allows me to do so.

  3. I really fall into the 2nd. catergory. I tried to do all the right stuff and started getting a lot more comments but not followers. However it just seemed like a LOT of work and I like to use my blog to let the family know what is going on. I did comment, comment, comment but it still did't get me any more followers so.........it just a blog for me. But I so do love to look at all of the wonderful blogs out there, yours being one of them. Happy blogging!

  4. WEll...I like you!! Actually, you are one of my favorite blogs, because you write so well, and from the heart. You don't hold everything back and gloss over it. I really like that about you!

  5. You know, if you had a "professional" blog, those good/ bad lists might be true. But this is your personal blog. And it *is* about you. It's about the you we all love. That's what makes it good.
    Keep writing. Keep telling your truth. We want to read it. As often as you're willing to write it.

  6. Geeze, now I feel a little ashamed to know that I read such a bad blog.

    I do the two blog approach, one for my professional post and one for my personal. I keep the professional as my main domain (jgreghenderson.com) and the other one with no direct ties to me (thedadthing.com).

    The absolute only reason I do that is to attempt to keep my professional and personal life separate.

    That is literally the only thing I do right though. When I am busy like I've been the past month i will hardly write, and when I am not like I will be this next month I may write every day.

    I think the only real rule should be enjoy doing it. Once you stop enjoying it then there is really no reason to continue.

  7. A big reason I started a 'cooking' blog was an attempt to keep my rants at bay.

    I still venture elsewhere in posts from time to time, but I feel the tethering keeps me balanced (well, that's what I tell myself.)

    I feel like I know you better, thanks to your blog. It's a window into who you are, without an agenda. I like it.

  8. err.. actually Pioneer woman does more than cooking, she's just famous for the cooking.

    Personal blogs don't need a pattern or consistency, unless you really care about traffic.

  9. Theme blogs bore me...:)

    I love randomness -

    I did try to be a "good blogger" at first but...then I said "Uncle."
    It's too much work and WAY too confusing for me... I added a few widgets and crap like that - now I don't know how to use them/ find them...whateve.

    I read posts and blog hop in the middle of the night - I comment when the writing is sooo compelling that I can't help but say something -

    anywho...I dig your blog and I HEART your haircut!!

  10. I too am a bad blogger for all the same reasons. My mother even "instructed" me to just stick to one topic (dogs, photography, gluten free, decorating, etc.) But I can't. That is not my life. My life is all of the above and I love my blog. So if noone else reads then at least I have a blog that makes me happy, right? ;)