Cookie hell

Alternatively titled: The longest post about cookies ever.
Alternately-Alternately titled: 300

Because that's how many cookies I made this weekend.
Yes, you read that correctly. Also, I made a birthday cake, petit fours and another 40-something cookies.

Because I must hate myself.

How does one cram all of that into one weekend? Glad you asked, here's the breakdown:

Thursday night:
After work come home and make 2 double batches of this cookie recipe. (Would have made 3 but I didn't have enough eggs or butter. Because I apparently can't multiply)

Bake 5 cakes (should have been 7 but I ran out of cake mix. Yes, I use cake mix. But I 'jazz it up a bit.')

Friday night:

5:15 Stop at grocery store to buy eggs, butter and cake mix.

5:45 Get home and make dinner.

6:20 Bake remaining 2 cakes.

6:40 Start baking cookies. Beginning with baby shower cookies.

8:30 Finish baking 45 baby shower cookies and 200 of the 300 cookies. Switch to cake.

9:20 Finish assembling and icing 3-tier birthday cake.

9:35 Decorate 20 petit fours.

10:00 Text Brad to see where he was (See, I knew that since I had taken on far too much that he would be 'concerned' so I sent him away with our friend Scotty)

10:05 Make small batch of icing for baby shower cookies. Decorate.

11:00 Call hubs who still hasn't answered. Call Scotty (also no answer), call Scotty's wife, Heather and see if she's heard from them.

11:15 Decorate more cookies.

11:30 Frantically call hubs again. Not because I was worried, but because I was exhausted. He finally answers his phone.

11:45 Wrap up petit fours.

12:00 Brad comes home. I go pass out.

7:00 Wake up early because I know I have a ton to do. Put flowers on the birthday cake.

7:45 Begin baking remaining 100 cookies.

9:20 Make the world's largest batch of icing ever. (OK, probably not ever, but it felt like it.)

9:45 Start piping the outline of circles onto cookies. Continue until noon.

12:00 Begin flood filling the cookies. Get about 12 cookies in and realize that the grey is a bit lighter than the CJRW logo. Remix and darken the icing.

12:15 Wash out mixer. Realize that icing is still too light. Curse and darken again.

12:30 Flood fill 90+ cookies.

1:50 Get cake ready to deliver to friend at our 'meeting place.'

1:55 Get a block from the house and realize that the cake is going to fall over. Turn around, come home. Try not to cry.

2:00 Take cake apart (bottom tier was not holding up well), curse buying a different brand of cake mix. Curse Walmart for being out of the kind I usually buy. Suck it up and make two cakes.

2:30 Turn back around and go to meeting place.

2:40 Be grateful for really cool, understanding friends.

3:00 Decorate a few more cookies.

3:30 Meet up to deliver petit fours and baby shower cakes.

4:00 Decorate more cookies.

5:00 Rest.

6:00 Get ready for Christmas party. Don't think about baking again until the next morning.


8:00 Get up early. Realize exactly how much my back hurts. Decorate more cookies.

10:00 Finish flood filling all the cookies. Begin piping letters.

2:00 Finish piping 75 Cs, 75 Js, 75 Rs and 75 Ws. Text Nancy and complain about her choice of typeface for the logo.

2:30 Go to Target to return Christmas gift and 'let the cookies dry.'

5:00 Make dinner (Um, I forgot to make any lunch).

6:00-8:30- bag cookies individually.

8:30 Place bagged cookies into boxes.

9:00 Swear that I will never, ever commit to that again. Pass out, glad to have that behind me.


  1. Yikes! Busy, busy weekend!

    Everything looks really, really good!

  2. You are so awesome. When are you going to open a shop? In Minnesota.

  3. Think of how, in just days, your cookies will be enjoyed on a national level. Clients from sea to sea will be indulging in your perfectly colored and piped signature cookies.

    Thank you SO much for your awesome talents, Kell. We are so grateful:)

  4. Beautiful...wish I was that talented!!!

  5. So cute! All of it. Had no idea you were making CJRW cookies - those are great.

    Now I have to go google how to "flood fill" icing.

  6. Kelli ALL of it looks AMAZING!
    I would have thrown fits over the color of the icing.

    Great job

  7. Way to hang in there. Sat. night I would've passed out into the cookies. They all looked so great!

  8. Holy cow, that's crazy, but that cake looks amazing!