Of resolutions and crap

Look, another obligatory post dedicated to waxing poetically about the year gone by and looking forward to stacking the deck against me before the new year has even graced us with its presence!

Or not.

So, following the the footsteps of like a million other people, here are some completely attainable goals I have set for next year:

(in no particular order)

House Guests
Initial plan would be to have no house guests for 2011. But seeing that Kacie is still with us and I can't kick her out before tomorrow, and her place won't be ready for a week or so, that won't work.

Realistic Goal #1: 
No house guests from 
February through December, 2011 
(minus the occasional overnight 'crashed 
here in lieu driving drunk' friend.)

I'm going to write one. Maybe a couple. Maybe several. But definitely not all this year. Despite totally swearing the same thing last year, and not making any damn progress and making a valiant effort, I didn't finish that book. But, as I've yelled at anyone who would listen pointed out before, I loved that book too much and there was too much pressure to make it perfect. So this less serious book is easier to write (and frankly, there is no lack for the 'inspiration')

Realistic Goal #2:
Keep writing. 
Finish when I finish.

So, we're going to build another. If the market will allow us to sell our current home for what we want, we will sell and build again. I've already sketched out the floor plan and bought some really cool light fixtures. Brad swears this one will be smaller and we'll see, I agree.

Realistic Goal #3:
Have a nice house completely 
paid for by the time we turn 40. 
(obviously that one is longer than a year)
Possibly start one this year.
Realistic Goal #3b:
Do NOT build 2nd house in the winter.
That totally sucked.

Pole Dancing
That's right. I'm going to take a pole dancing class. Blame Groupon. I've also convinced a friend to join me. I will not post photos. OK, I might post photos of the bruises. I hear there are bruises. *Insert part where I talk about this being completely about my self-confidence and that it's a really, really great work out-or so I hear. And that Brad did not flip out in excitement when I told him.*

Realistic Goal #4:
Attend the classes.
Do not break anything. 

Just say 'no'
I am a people pleaser. Shocker I like to make people happy. Even if it makes me very, very unhappy. I'm going to learn to say 'no' if it needs to be said. Whether it's work, family, baking or shopping (that last one's just aimed at me, just in case you're wondering) I will take on far too much. Granted, I like taking on a lot. And I hate disappointing people. And really, who doesn't like cookies? People <3 cookies therefore, people <3 the person who brought cookies, right? RIGHT?

Realistic Goal #5:
Do not agree to make 700
cookies in one week. 
As well as a birthday cake,
petit fours and more cookies. 
All at the same time. 
Realize that I am not a bakery. 
I am only one person with a 
full time job and a husband.
(Who's trying to write a book, build a
house and not break her neck. 
Should be simple.)

Be happier
This honestly will be the hardest thing on this list. If you've read any of my posts here, you know that I can be a bit whiney and melodramatic melancholy from time to time always. OK, fine I'm a big, fat whiny baby. Just hand me a pacifier and get it over with. According to Brad, I am never happy. Which isn't true. If he ever went shopping with me, he would see that I can be a perfectly happy and pleasant person to be around.

Realistic Goal #6:
Don't cry in public.
Have fun at parties.
Remember that I'm 30 not 80.

So there you have it. Six (and a half-ish) perfectly attainable goals for 2011.


  1. Hee hee POLE!!! DANCING!!!

    I was wondering if anyone had actually purchased that Groupon

  2. I am jealous of the house building! Core and I have NO talent for that type of stuff, so it always amazes me those of you who do.
    Now, the rest sound great to me! I can't wait to read one of your books, and pretty much be famous by association and such.

  3. totally brilliant. totally doable.

    yes. you. can.

    i put "world peace" on my list this year. it's like i want to be a loser.

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