Master bedroom molding

We've done nothing to our bedroom for entirely too long. We threw the headboard up there and left the room as it was. (and I can't believe it was over a year ago that happened!)

We finally decided something needed to be done. And we've been on a molding kick for a while. (pool table room, dining room, crown) We liked the look of our pool table room and wanted to do something similar (even though I can't find a post I did on it, nor can I find a photo even though I know both exist.)

We started with 8 sheets of 4x8 MDF (medium density fiberboard), we ripped them down into 6 inch strips

Brad holding the board. You can't see, but
he's yelling at me to 'put down the damn phone.'

We took off the existing baseboard and replaced it with the solid strips of MDF.

We took 5 foot tall strips of MDF and placed them a foot apart. I started in the corner thinking I was being all smart and would avoid cutting odd strips around the window. I succeeded in that, but I managed to hit Every. Single. Outlet. (so much for measuring)

We added a cap piece all the way around the room. (we also painted the upper half of the room some brownish color that if I were a good blogger, I would remember the name of)

Then added small pieces one foot down, making square boxes for the top row. If one was so inclined, you could do this all the way down (remember to add the width of the board when measuring to ensure you end up with all whole boxes.) But that would take a really, really long time.

We went through and calked all the nail holes and seams. (and also finally added the window moulding)

Then we painted it and didn't bother to clean up the room before snapping a pic.

Here's the view by our door:

You can see where the light switch fell right in the line of the moulding. We cut around the box (turn off breaker first!) so that the wood is bigger than the box but smaller than the plate (make sense?) Then we added a smaller piece of trim across the bottom to frame it out completely.

I had Brad send a proper photo with the bed made and everything.

Also, through the encouragement of some coworkers, I started a tumblr of things I hate. Obviously, the goal there is to be funny. Feel free to follow along.


  1. The bedroom looks great. I'm pretty sure "molding" should be "moulding". i don't think you put the smelly fuzzy stuff up in your room.

  2. Thank you Heather for trolling my page, it always makes me smile when some one takes the time to tell me I'm wrong.
    That being said, I smile even bigger being able to tell you that here in the US, we do in fact spell it 'molding.' In Europe and other countries, 'moulding' would be correct.
    And if you want to hate some more, I did misspell "Anthropologie' the store with Anthropology (the study of humans) in another post.