Um, it's December. Weren't you writing a book?

Why yes, yes I was. Unfortunately I have a paying job writing and it kind of takes precedence over my time. (I know, I know, woe is me.) So, the first week of The Book was spent with nose diligently to the grind stone. I made my daily quotas no problem. The second week I slipped a bit, but could easily have made the time up. I didn't.

Here, let me show you how weeks three and four went:

No where. That's right. And then, on the last day apparently I was all, 'Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be writing a book!' and added a few more pages.
As of this writing (and probably for the next few days) I have 41 pages consisting of 17,508 words. Technically not too shabby for what was only two good weeks of writing. But still. I'm going to finish. AND, eventually I will finish that other book too. Yeah, the one I started during Nanowrimo last year. BUT, I have a thought. That first book, last years book is a better book. It's a more serious book. I think it would make a great second book. No sophomore slump here! (Are you laughing yet? You should be.)
And, since I'm on a roll. I have plans for my third book. See, while books 1 and 2 are inspired by my life, this one would actually BE my life. Specifically about some of the junk that I wrote about in my last blog post. I want to call it One Year because basically my life was a ridiculous roller coaster for almost exactly a year.

OK now, I see how absurd it sounds to have a plan to write three books when I can't even finish one. So don't bother telling me this. I am acutely aware of how I sound. That's why I need a plan to become independently wealthy. So that I can have time to write.

Could someone get on that? Thanks.


  1. You did awesome! NaNoWriMo is enough to make even the sanest people crazy!

    I participated as well this year.

    Heck yeah, you can write 3 books, even more!! Just because you haven't finished one (yet) doesn't mean you can't do it.=)

    Awesome for trying!

  2. I think that more than anything, NaNoWriMo is a good exercise to get your brain moving and thinking. I would imagine it puts your mind in a "writing" mindset, allowing you to spew ideas everywhere. Maybe, who knows, because I've never written a book, and can't wait for an autographed copy of yours.