My other blog

I have other places where I write. Particularly, a new one is a Tumblr called Kelli Hates, it's a collection of short bursts of randomness all set within the premise of things that bug me. It's very much tongue in cheek and silly. I make fun of work, life, people around me and mostly myself. It's all in good fun. The posts are short and daily M-F. Check it out if you want to see some silliness. Also, feel free to 'like' it on Facebook.

I also have a blog I long ago abandoned but I think I'm going to resurrect. It's my house blog, The Marks House. I posted to it religiously while we were building our house but stopped once we moved in. Sadly I think the second to last post is me swearing that I wouldn't abandon the blog. That was in May.

Of 2009.


Brad and I have several projects we're working on now-Laundry room, painting a dresser so I can reveal the spare room (also I promise I made back in, oh, August of this year) and doing something with our upstairs man cave. So I have things to blog about. Also, when Spring comes around I'm going to have to plant stuff. (Because everything I planted last spring died. Oops again.)

So I guess what I'm trying to decide is, should I keep talking about projects and such here? Should I move that to the house blog and talk about it there only? Originally, the reason that I kept things separated was because this blog was anonymous when I started the house blog. And I didn't want to write about personal stuff here (so much for that, now).

Brad and I are discussing putting the house on the market this Spring. Can you believe it's time already? And we're going to be looking for new property to build on. Then there's the discussion of finding a fixer upper. I'm mostly against that, but we just don't know where to build. I don't want to live in West Little Rock. Regardless, there will soon be much house activity. So my question is: Should I keep two blogs where I rant here about some junk and talk about baking and then have 'the house blog' where I talk about projects? (While still having Kelli Hates?) Or do I lump everything here and separate it by tabs? Or do I just consider that I've got like seven readers and it doesn't matter that much anyway?



  1. Ok, seeing how I only recently discovered your blog during the blognonomous, I wasn't aware the other blogs existed. So in about 2 seconds time I'm already loving Kelli Hates! What I'm not loving is that I'm apparently too stupid to follow that one....and I consider myself to be of average intelligence; sometimes above average. Hmm, maybe I'll have to rethink that one :)

  2. I think keep them separate unless you find yourself not using say, this one, or something like that. With feeders, it's really easy to keep up with everything. Unless you want to feel like you have one "space" then I could see keeping it in one place. Uh, so I'm not much help sorry.

  3. Hmmm... my first thought is to put them all together but I'm no expert! Good luck!

  4. ALL in one place I say!...LOVE the Kellie hates. LOVE!