Empty Spare Bedroom

We have a spare bedroom. When Brad's mom moved out we cleared out her back room and moved the bed to the front room. Call it what you will, but I needed to move things around. We started putting everything together. Which I blogged about here. And then swore I would talk more about here.
Have you noticed I tend to lie not fulfill my promises here?
It happens.

Well, then Kacie moved in and I left the mostly finished room alone. Now she's gone.
That's right! She moved out three weeks ago. We had a cute little housewarming party this weekend, so everything is official!

So I finished the one thing that was left in the room. The dresser.

A while back I was leaving Brad's moms house and noticed that her neighbor was having a yard sale. And from my car I saw a cute dresser. Exactly what I was looking for to go in the spare room. Since I was leaving I called Brad (who was still at his moms house) and made him go over and check it out. He called me back in a few minutes and said that he had bought it.
For $10!
Can you say awesome?

I had looked at several other dressers but they all cost so much more and since I wasn't looking for function more than just 'something tall' to take up the space, I was hesitant to spend too much. Glad I waited, because this was perfect! I love the lines of it, but the handles and color were not cool.

Last week I finally got around to painting it. We picked up some oil rubbed bronze handles with crystal accents from Lowes (and a single crystal knob for the top from Hobby Lobby-they have a GREAT selection of unique knobs.) We ended up paying more for the knobs than the dresser.

Dresser: $10 (yard sale)
Dresser knobs: $30 (Lowes and Hobby Lobby)

Mirror: $50 (Midtown Antique Mall)

Shelves: $60 (we built them from pine)
Desk: $60 (2 file cabinets @ $20 each, pine top we built)
Bedding: $60 (Target)
Headboard: $5 (Habitat for Humanity)
Headboard 'bird lamps': $24 (Garden Ridge)
Drapes: $20 (actually canvas drop cloths from Lowes)

Jar with shells: Jar-$1.50 Midtown Antique Mall, Shells-free from Mexico.
Finally having a finished (and empty spare room): I think you know.


  1. Wow, the transformation of the dresser is wonderful! You are one creative, handy, smart lady.

  2. Thanks for the comment and it's okay. George was kind of part dog/part cat. ha! Love your style too! I am jealous of your pine shelves! I want some! Do y'all take custom orders? :)

  3. Nice work! Want to come do my rooms?

  4. Love what you did with the dresser! The room looks great!

  5. Beautiful! It is all ready for me to come visit! I love those stripes. I would love to try them in a room!

  6. say what?! can't believe it's the same dresser! that's awesome.