Wordless Wednesday

Recent Cakes:

Adorable pea pod cupcakes (for a woman having triplets)

(Original inspiration came from Pink Cake Box)

The Cookies

For a 5-year old's birthday party

Tom & Jerry

For his other birthday party

(This is THE yummiest cake-chocolate cake soaked in raspberry, 
layered with chocolate ganache and covered with more ganache. 
A tiny sliver will do.)


  1. Those cupcakes are adorable!!! You are very talented! Alyssa of Boston Bee

  2. Those are awesome! Great job!! Yep, the cupcakes ARE adorable

  3. wow, you are very creative. I love those cupcakes, and yes I wish I knew someone have triplets. Or just knew triplets!

  4. Aww Peas in a pod! How cute! And how amazing does that choco cake look! I feel sick just looking at it!

  5. I see delicious-looking cupcakes, and all I can think is, "Holy cow, triplets??"

    And, that chocolate cake? WANT.

  6. I am coming to live with you and watch you bake.

  7. Seriously?? You MADE those?? I am green with (pea) envy!

    Do you like, live near me? can we be friends?

  8. Seriously, girl, you need to be in a magazine. Or on tv. Or in my kitchen. just kidding!!

    can we move next to each other and then can i make up all sorts of reasons i need cakes and cookies every single day?

  9. Those cupcakes are absolutely adorable!! I now want to have triplets...thanks. Haha.

    Found your blog from Kristy at Darn Near Domestic! She said it was awesome...and it is! : )