Day Tripper

Friday I made a mad dash to Denver. It was what you might call a 'quick business trip.' Really it was me dropping something off.
From Little Rock.
To Denver.
And back.
In one day.
(See how I make it feel all tedious by adding lots. and lots. of periods?)

It was actually kind of fun. And when the trip was booked Thursday night, there was discussion of how long I would actually BE in Denver.
Let me tell you, it seemed like I would be there longer than I was at the time of booking.
I landed in Denver at roughly 9:45. Left the airport around 10:30 (I might have gotten lost) and got into a taxi. The taxi brought me back to the airport at 12. I went through security, had some lunch and then explored the airport. (Then my flight left at 1:45)
I found a cute little store called Four Seasons. They had jewelry. I've been wanting a necklace. They had several.
I ended up being drawn to a section called Pick Up Sticks Jewelry. You can check out their catalog online, but you can't purchase there. Here's the list of Arkansas retailers. (Here's where you can search to find near you.)
Their pieces are adorable. Handmade and clever. And not terribly priced. I picked up this one for $32-with a chain. I love that the pieces are two sided. So you can show which ever mood you're feeling at the time.
First, I have a slight obsession with the eiffel tower, despite never having seen it. Second, she's holding cakes. CAKES! And third? Pardon my French? I may or may not have recently been accused by the hubs of cursing a bit too much. (And, there's a crown!)
I love it.

I had previously been considering this one:
'Tickled Pink' on one side. 'Nobody ever died of laughter' on the other. (Something I need to remind myself of on occasion.)

There's also an adorable section called Word Candy. I think I could buy all of them. There's even a section called Queens. Who wouldn't love that? I know for a fact that several of these will soon become gifts for some of the ladies in my life.

The photos are adorable. The words are pure wisdom and just plain fab. If you happen upon some of these, I recommend snatching one up. And one for a friend. They're just that great.

The lovely people at Pick Up Sticks have no clue I'm writing about them. They don't know me. They didn't pay me. I paid for my necklace and all that jazz. I just thought they were so cute that I had to share. Also, they may or may not be upset that I snagged their pics to use. Sorry! Hope you're cool with it since I'm showing you guys some love!


  1. The Pardon my French one is awesome. Good find!

  2. I need them!! I'm in love! Your fast trip= happiness for us all!

  3. I want to think it's weird you and I both have an obsession with the Eiffel Tower... but I've given up on keeping track of all our weird interests!