Photo Wednesday

Which totally doesn't have the same alliteration as Wordless Wednesday. But, as someone pointed out, my post are far from wordless.
So, today, some photos.
I bought a dress. I've never really had a dress. A real dress. Except for my wedding dress. (which is now 'stored' in the attic, wrapped in a ball. I'm sure it's lovely.)


Working at an ad agency, we often work on events - galas, balls, soirees and the like. Occasionally, we get invited to these things. I've always turned it down, not having 'the dress.'
Not wanting to invest hundreds of dollars into a dress that might very well only see the light of my closet, I've been scouring sales. Including Ideeli*. Which, I'm kind of addicted to. I've talked about it before.


I bought this Rock & Republic dress for $80. (Pup not included) They claim it retails for $580. Who knows.

So, now I have a dress, in case an event comes up. Knowing my luck, one will not and I will end up parading around the house a la Phoebe on a random Sunday afternoon.

*This is a personal invite to ideeli. They claim to be 'all invite only.' And technically, they are. But once you're a member, you can invite anyone. And, added perk, if the invitee buy something you get a $10 credit. Which rocks. I'm not inviting you on the hopes that you buy something, rather sharing a cool site. But if you DO buy something, well, I'll like, love you and stuff. 


  1. Stunning! Ravishing!

    I don't have a Dress. If I did, my kids would probably just spill cereal milk on it.

    Really, though, you look gorgeous.

  2. I joined after you talked about it last time...and just bought something last week. You should be getting $10 - yippee!

  3. wow, you look beautiful. i love it when a dress makes both your front side and your back side look good, and girl, your backend is KILLING in that dress. holy smokes.

  4. I love it! It is so perfect for you! Oh, and I love ideeli too, which is sorta why I love you too.

  5. That? Is a fabulous dress. Looks like a million bucks on you. For reals.

    I used to have a Dress. Then I got preggers and remained Fat. But one day soon, I will again wear The Dress.

  6. I'm late to the party on this post, but I LOVE this dress on you. I, too, am a fan of Ideeli, Rue La La, Gilt Groupe, etc. I should invest in a Gown, but I often feel like Cinderella; our agency never lets me go to the ball! hehe. xo.