I'm pretending to write a book. Pretending, in that, I say I'm doing it (actively) but really, all I'm doing is thinking about it (passively). Usually inspiration strikes me in chunks and I sit and write until I hit a wall or get too busy to give it any attention.

Sometimes, when I get back to it, I have to reread what I previously wrote. And oddly, I stumble upon portions that I don't even remember writing, like this one. My character's name is Kaitlyn. She works at an ad agency and lives alone. Her boyfriend is a jerk, she just hasn't figured it out yet. Don't worry, she will.

Probably my favorite thing about living here is that I’m alone. That I know several things when I put my key into the door. 1: That the door is, in fact, locked. 2: That the only shoes on the floor will be mine. And 3: I will not have the unfortunate experience of walking in on a certain someone and her boyfriend getting frisky on my couch. Yes, those things happened, the first two numerous times, the third thankfully only once. And I made her pay to have the couch cleaned. I think she was more upset about that than my viewing her tattooed bum. At least she was interesting.
But when it comes to roommates, I don’t like interesting. Interesting is fun to bump into in a bar on a random Saturday night. Interesting is not fun to live with on a daily basis. So I was grateful when I landed the job at Collins & Collins and could afford to move out. And, I think she was happy to be rid of the ‘prudish, quiet girl.’ Or at least that’s what her twitter stream said before I blocked her. People say that you shouldn’t live with your friends, that you might grow to hate and/or despise each other. I’m here to say that you should also avoid the girl in your quant class too. Just because you both need a roommate, go to the same school and work nearby does not mean you are compatible to share living quarters, more less a bathroom.
Don’t get me started on the bathroom. Let’s just say I’m not exactly proud of what I did to her shower radio or the means with which I had to go to do it. Desperate times and all.
I walk inside and smile. The only person greeting me is Presley, and while he’s not actually a person, he seems to think so, and who am I to take that away from him? 

Hopefully one day, I will finish this project. And then start on the other three books in my head. (Are you laughing? I am.)


  1. an excerpt after my own heart! I am a fan of interesting too, but not IN MY LIVING SPACE.

  2. i want more!

    also, totally not laughing. you are talented and creative and you've got the skills to write, so rock it!

  3. MORE MORE MORE!!!!!! Seriously. I'm not even just being nice. LOVE what you already wrote! LOVE. Why would you think to stop?? Do you know how much crap I read? THAT tiny excerpt is in the top 10% of anything I've read and I mean it.