After building our bed, we needed nightstands to go with it. We found these end tables and thought they would work. (Seen at the end of this post) Remember the terrible blue lamps? These were just as bad.
They didn't work. At all. But we kept them, because that's what you do.
A few weeks ago we stumbled upon some nightstands at Carries (my fav place). They were priced separately at $12.50 each. Why they weren't selling them as a set is beyond me. Obviously we grabbed both. I wasn't really sure about them in the beginning.
So, they were pretty cheap and despite being solid wood, we did the unthinkable and painted them! I'm pretty sure I paint everything that enters my home antique white (premixed from Lowes!)

Here they are after Brad had given them a good sanding. (Because I'm a bad blogger and forget to get crappy before pictures.)

They had these really terrible Asian inspired drop/hanging handles that Brad thankfully had already taken off. Seriously, they were not cute.

While I love the clean lines of the fluted trim down the side,

I did not love the terrible Hawaiian looking carved inlay thing on the top drawers. It felt so dated and not in a good way.

So, we cut down a piece of thin luan wood and covered it up! we gorilla glued them in place then added a few small nails (via nail gun) just in case.

Then we used a bead of caulk to smooth the edges. We also drilled the hole for the knob.

Both of the stands got three coats of primer followed by three coats of paint. The entire time Brad lectured me about how I should have done that with the dresser. And I didn't. Yada, yada, yada.

They turned out nice.

So here it is now beside my unmade bed.

They just look so much happier. The white is cleaner and the knobs are more simple. (BTW, we found a 4 pack of Oil Rubbed Bronze knobs at Home Depot for $5.00. I really like using cute/decorative knobs on smaller projects like this, but this package had the exact amount so I caved to Brad when he pointed them out.)

Happy Friday! I have another project that I've been working on and I can't wait to show you. Here's a hint: It's an Anthropology knock off.


  1. holy cow what a transformation!
    Love them!!

  2. you and your dude have some serious, serious talent.

  3. these look AMAZING! I wish I had an eye for stuff like this. And uh, TALENT. yah. that.

  4. Great nightstands! I love how you covered up the carved wood, it totally updates them, great job!

  5. Spectrum OrganizingApril 2, 2011 at 8:18 PM

    Nicely done!