Southern Girl Academy

In case you haven't heard, a couple of lovely ladies started a blog and invited some of us to play. It's called The Southern Girl Academy and we teach lessons on sass, grace and allure. It's fun.

And today I have a post over there. So pop on over and check it out. It's about movies. And if you know anything about my husband, he is nothing, if not a movie freak. Unfortunately, he has not seen any of the movies I wrote about, so he was no help.


  1. loved it! i'm going on my husband's netflix account right now to get the movies i haven't watched. i still consider myself a southerner even though i've been on the west coast for ten years. =)

  2. Shoot. I am 100% northern. I may learn something though, as core says I am quite manly.

  3. I loved your SGA post!!

    (and, yes, it did require two exclamation points)