3rd times a charm

This weekend I made a cake. It's a cake I've made before, based off of a cake that's been made a bajillion times.
It's an engagement cake that features an oversized ring in a box. And since I'm not in the mood for a 'big reveal' and because I want this cake photo to show up as my thumbnail and not the original. Crazy yes? Do I care, not too much.

Ring #3: let's all cross our fingers, mkay?

Here it is in all it's pretty glory.

I'm not going to lie, it didn't start out this way.

OK, it sort of did. The more cakes I do, the better I get. Practice and all.

One of the things I tend to run into is not having enough fondant of a certain color. Since every color is a custom mix for a particular project, I hardly ever use the left over. But really, fondant drapes over a cake better when there's more of it than less. That wasn't exactly a problem this time.

The problem with this cake was the ring. (Now I show you my original)

engagement ring cake 2

This ring was done in the fall, so the colors were more fall inspired. (I'm sounding sooo smart right now, I'm fully aware of this. I blame Starbucks having no power. Yes, I will talk about it all day.)
The difference is, this one had a paperweight in the cake for the ring. I love the idea of the bride being able to keep the ring after the cake is long gone. We (meaning I recommended it and the Shower thrower MOH? got it done) had the ring engraved with the couples names. Awww.

For the cake this weekend, I mentioned I could make it out of fondant, instead of the paperweight.
That was the option selected. Confident in myself, I made the ring. Frankly I thought I was pretty damn clever. I used some older [read: hard as a rock] leftover fondant from the predator head cake a few months ago. I warmed it in the microwave to make it pliable and then, took the 'band' part and draped it over a 4 inch springform pan. The 'spring' part helped the pan stand up on its side without rolling around. Then, I baked it in the oven. I read this trick on a blog somewhere recently. But I can't remember the temperature they recommended. Or the time.
Based on what came out of the oven, I was very wrong on my guess of 350 degrees and 10 minutes. The fondant puffed up really thick and smelled like cotton candy. I decided the puffy band would work. I cut it to a perfect half circle, added the top part of the ring and painted it silver.
I was getting ready to go out Saturday night and 'propped' the ring on the cake, thinking it would just stand there, not pushed into the cake.
I was wrong.
Ring #1

It fell while I was in the shower. It did not survive the 4 foot fall to the hard wood floor.
For shame.
I rushed around and made another. I didn't turn the temp as high. I didn't leave it in as long. It did not puff up.
I left it on the springform pan to set overnight.
Fastforward to Sunday. MOH was 45 from showing up. I placed the ring in/on the cake. Curled up not feeling well [read: hungover] I glanced over that the cake.

Ring #2

Son of A!

I made a THIRD ring. Luckily, the top part survived as this ring did not topple off the cake/table, it just imploded upon itself into a tired little heap. A sad, tired little heap.
A pitiful, sad, tired little heap of overworked fondant.
I cranked the oven up high, left it in as long as I could, considering I had already gotten a text that the MOH was en route. Painted (And supported with some wire inside the ring), this one survived.
Thankfully. I was almost completely out of predator head.

The MOH (maid of honor, in case you're wondering) texted me and said that it made the trip. I breathed a sigh of relief.
And? I will never make another ring out of fondant. Not that I can't, just that this cake tapped me out.

And, since you stuck around, here are some cookies I made. Pink peacock feathers. Aren't they presh?

Pink peacock feather cookies


  1. That cake is amazing. I want a piece. RIGHT NOW. xo.

  2. that's so impressive! did you hear the ring fall while you were showering? that'd scare me to death. i'd be scared, then angry, then oh-so-sad. :)

  3. Grace-
    I didn't hear it, but my husband came running in yelling 'Your ring broke! It fell, it fell! I didn't do it, I swear!'

  4. seriously? What CAN'T YOU DO???

    You write...do home depot stuff, make gorgeous cakes?? What next? You sing too?

  5. WOW, this cake is just....it's just.....beyond!!

    I've seen some amazing things from you, but this one really takes the cake. Wait, you know what I mean.

  6. That cake is nuts. In a really good way. And I'm glad you won the war with the predator head fondant ring.

    Now. About those peacock cookies. I'ma need a closer look. And by closer, I mean in. my. belly.

  7. W-O-W
    you are AMAZING!

    I heart this..." Your ring broke! It fell, it fell! I didn't do it!"

    he is so cute!