Helping Babies- It's a good thing

I have some great friends. Namely, Heather and Scotty Adams. They are the greatest friends one could ever ask for. Recently, when asked how I knew someone, I had to explain that Scotty is like the center of a bike tire, his relationships radiating out from him like spokes. He knows so many people. And then, somehow, we all come to know each other. He has a huge circle of friends, and I'm so glad to be a part of it. 

But this isn't exactly about him. It's about his son, Aiden. 
Aiden was born at 24 weeks. Aiden was only a pound and a half at that point. He stayed at Children's Hospital for a while. There are beds that can help the babies have a greater chance of survival, called Giraffe-OMNI Beds. Baptist has some, but not enough to help all the babies that need them. Scotty saw the need and acted. He had an event that he helped spearhead – Craws for Paws. He changed the name of the event to Craws for a Cause and has been filtering the money into the Baptist Foundation fund to buy more beds. 
Here is Aiden before getting a Giraffe-OMNI bed
These beds are very expensive- 30 thousand dollars each. His son was transferred to Baptist when a bed became available and it saved his life. Aiden is now 2 1/2 years old and doing well. Scotty directly attributes the survival of his son to the bed and wants to make sure that every premature baby that needs a bed can have one. 
So, with that, I invite you to Craws for a Cause. I am a co-chair for the event. I'll be running around helping make sure everything runs smoothly. This year, the event takes place Friday, May 6. Tickets get you access to all the beer, crawfish and fixins (and hot dogs) that you want. There will be live music by Boom Kenetic. You can purchase general admission tickets in advance for $45 or $55 at the door. (I'll warn, last year the event sold out and many were turned away at the gate.) Also, individuals and corporations are encouraged to purchase VIP tables. These tables seat 10 people and cost $1,000. The VIP tables will have volunteers (The Central Arkansas Roller Derby girls) bringing beer and craws, so you don't even have to get up. These tables are positioned near the music and will have a special VIP entrance to avoid the general admission line. 
This is a wonderful event– it's tons of fun, the food is great and you can't find a better cause. 
As you can see, Aiden is doing well with his big brother, Parker.
This story could easily be one of heartache. Many parents don't have the happy ending that the Adams' got. But, you can help the premature babies of Arkansas. And, you get all the beer you can drink. 
Sounds like a win-win to me.