Sometimes, we're special

Since we've had tons of rain lately, Brad has been concerned with the gutters. The back of our house is long (around 70 feet) and we have a total of 3 down spouts. He thinks we need another one. Our master bedroom sticks out past the rest of the house, creating an "L" shape where our deck sits. He wants to put one right in that corner. The water tends to come down faster than it can get out of the way and he's concerned about the doorway from our room rotting out. We've put down a door guard thing (A metal piece that curves out and protects the threshold of the door. And we've put up the pergola, but the door still needs a bit more protection from the water.

So last night we ran to Home Depot to grab the items for another downspout. We bought the 12 foot section of piping, brackets to hold it on, two "L" pieces to bend down from the gutter and another for the bottom. We grabbed screws and a few other things.

When we got out to the truck, Brad was a bit concerned about the length. He has a Toyota Tundra with a second row of seats, so the bed of his truck is a little small. I suggested that we take the pipe and set it down against the gate of the bed and then angle it up over the top of the truck so that it wouldn't stick out  the back and potentially hit something. Brad agreed and we strapped it in with a bungee and used a piece of board to hold the end down. And since it was getting a little late, we grabbed some take out. He was concerned that it was too tall to go through the drive-thru so we went to Sonic, the whole time worried about it.
The rest of the drive home, I watched it over my shoulder to make sure that it didn't try to blow away or anything else crazy.
We made it home with the pipe in one piece.
Of course, that is, until Brad, deep in conversation drives into the garage without a thought to the pipe and it crumbles like a soda can against the bricks over our garage door.
So today, Brad gets to go pick up another piece of piping. Here's to hoping this one makes it home and up in one piece. 

What about you? Have you ever done anything that made you feel special?


  1. Awww man, poor Brad! One of our pastors' wives backed (well *tried* to back) out of the garage with the garage door still closed. Bless her dear heart, she has 4 children you know, I can't imagine what could possibly have distracted her. And her husband posted the pics on facebook! They were both good sports about it!

  2. Oh boy, that reminds of that commercial where the couple drive into their garage with their bikes on top of the SUV. Hope the next one makes it home okay :)

  3. in this situation, i would have to consider myself very, very special. both my brother and i have backed out of the garage (countless times) with the garage door still closed. Once, I paid a street meter after parking and still got a ticket. I paid the wrong meter. Very recently, I left my house ALL DAY to run errands, only to come home and find that I hadn't even bothered to close my front door. Not lock it, I mean close it...as in it was wide open all day long.