Big thinks

I originally meant to title this post "Big things," but a slip of the finger resulted in "Big thinks." And really, that might be a more apt description for what's going on right now, so I'm letting it stay.
It's been a week since I walked into the unemployment office and filed for unemployment insurance. It was not what I expected. What I thought I would see were troves of sad people, destitute and seeking refuge. Instead, I saw a guy a few years older than myself from high school. We did not catch up. I just felt any conversation that started, "Hey! Didn't we go to school together? I lost my job too!" would be too strange. Also, he left shortly after I got there, leaving me alone with the other person filling out paperwork and the police officers who I think were snickering at my iPad.
Yes, I brought an iPad to the unemployment office. I thought there would be a line and I have a new book on there I'd like to read. (sue me) It's not like I bought it after I got canned. I've had it a while.
Anyway, despite the initial shock revolving around the past week, I've adjusted to everything fairly well. Better than I thought I ever would given the situation.
I have some big plans. Some really big plans. And I'm excited. I'm also a bit scared to announce anything formally here, but I've hinted at it on Twitter. There's a lot that Brad and I are thinking about now. But he's completely supportive and that has made all the difference.
Regardless, if this week is any indication of what's to come, I know that I will be OK. But for now, I'm going to go have lunch with a friend. And then I'm going to do what I do.