More and more

So, initially, I wasn't going to announce anything about what I was up to. Not because I want to 'surprise' anyone, nor do I feel that someone will swoop in and take my ideas or anything crazy like that. But because sometimes I feel like a four-year old kid standing in their underwear using a hair brush for a microphone who has proudly announced that they are going to be a rock star. In other words, stupid.
Regardless, here's what I'm up to. A bakery.
Star wars cupcakes

Yes (I know you're all super surprised) I know it's obvious. I've picked a name. I think it's cute. I've reserved my twitter account and purchased a URL. I've mentally written stickers for the pink boxes I've already picked out. (So, you know all the important stuff.)
But, the big thing, the first step, I'm running into some problems with.
And as we all know, location, location, location. Where the hell am I going to plop this bakery?
My favorite location in midtown near the new Target is actually available and there's a perfect sized spot for a little bakery. But the lease amount? Um, it's a bit high. Not out of the realm high, but high. You guys don't mind paying $10 for a cupcake, right?
No? OK moving along.
Another really great place that I love in West Little Rock that has great access to the interstate and near a kids day care, [hello!] um, I called about it today and it's involved in an FBI investigation and won't be available for several years.
I am not making this up.
I'm pretty much fresh out of new construction locations. And that's fine, really. For what we are able to risk monetarily, those were a bit out of reach. So, what I need is a space, probably around 1,500 square feet that can have a retail front and space in the back for an oven, walk in fridge, and lots of counter space. So, anyone know of a location available?