Contemplating Luck

I don't know that I've ever considered myself to be lucky. Once while bowling, a bowler in the next lane hit one of their pins into my lane, blocking any possibility of a spare. My ball managed to hit that pin, shoot it back into their lane, knocking down their remaining pin. Then my ball ricocheted and picked up my own spare. If it had been caught on video, it would surely have over a million views on YouTube.
I do not attribute that to skill.
Nor do I think it's luck.
If anything, it's dumb luck.
When I worked at The Buckle (years and years ago) we had a lost and found drawer. Eventually if things were not claimed, the employees 'found' them. I happened to come into a very nice pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. I didn't even realize how expensive they were for a while. I kept those sunglasses for a long time. They stayed with me through thick and thin. I have quite an obsession with sun glasses and this particular pair shot to the top of my collection, becoming my go-to shades.
A year or so after, I went to Georgia to visit family. The day before we left, we played putt-putt in a section of a local park. At some point while getting humiliated by the four year old prodigy in front of me, I lost those glasses. I didn't discover it until it was time to leave.
I was devastated to say the least.
But I didn't give up hope. I called around to numerous departments of the Georgia park system and, they had been found. I coaxed the park ranger to drop them in the mail for me. The prodigal glasses returned.
Less than a year later, work took me to Oklahoma to help open a new store. Of course my sunglasses went with me. And, despite loving them so, I still managed to leave them in yet another state.
Upon discovering this, I called the store and had them look, they couldn't find them. I called again. And they were found in the back of a top locker. The prodigal glasses returned again.
Some might think that I am lucky. Some might think that those damn sunglasses were cursed, never meant to have a single owner. Lord knows if I even acquired them from their first owner or if they were the third owners visiting from some other unknown state.
But I tend to think that rather than luck, I've been blessed with persistence. That rather than letting things happen to me, I go out and make them happen.
And the sunglasses? I still have them somewhere. But they broke.
See, I told you I wasn't lucky.