I've spent the past day debating how I wanted to handle this post. I started this blog three and a half years ago to deal with a difficult situation. My MIL had moved in with us and was battling stage IV cancer. I had just gone through what I thought was the most difficult year of my life. It wasn't. I'm sure there will be more to come that will be worse. That's what life is.
And like the growing pains of my adolescence, this is something that will be uncomfortable until I get used to it and then, it will be a blip in my rearview. I don't remember the pain associated with growing nine inches in roughly 18 months, but the growth was obvious and it was mine.
So, I will continue this blog in the spirit it was started. Except now, my travels are no longer that of a writer at an agency, but that of a recently unemployed writer finding a new way.
I have opportunities and lets face it, at the rate I was going, it would have taken another year to finish my book. So suddenly I've been given the gift of time. And Brad and I are in places in our lives where this is but a bump in the road. We have savings. I have a number of opportunities, from writing (whether a book or in advertising to using my MBA in another career. And as always, the thought of a bakery nags at the back of my mind. We watched Bridesmaids last weekend and I couldn't help but relate to her struggles with the bakery. It's a siren song that calls me back. Sometimes I'm at my happiest when I'm standing in front of a beautiful piece of art that is also edible. But at the same time, it can be maddening when it's not working right.
So, this is me, on a new journey I hope that you stick around for it. It could be... interesting.


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  2. Kelli! You will be missed. But I am so proud of you. I will happily follow you on your adventures. Best of luck always. xo.

  3. I'm so sorry about your job.

    I think the best is yet to come. Always. Good luck! You'll find your way.