Everything and a bag of chips

When I worked retail, I was bad about starting several projects and finishing them at varying rates. On any given day you could walk into my store and find a wall torn down, half rebuilt, a stack of shirts that I was tagging to go out, a drawn with the contents strewn everywhere in hopes that I would 'organize it' as well as something in the back of the store like last nights receipts.
When I started writing, I did the same thing, except it became my desktop littered with opened word document. Some had copy, some just had a few notes, while several others just had my header, so that I would 'eventually get started.'
Now that I'm at home, it's gotten worse. Yesterday I sewed a pillow, painted a picture for the [new] spare bedroom wall, baked a loaf of bread, worked on my book and brought home a table that needs to be sanded, primed and painted for my bakery.

The room will be yellow, grey and black.

Needless to say, I gave up on the fourth side of the pillow until I try to use a different sewing machine. I'm having problems and I don't know if it's a user error or the thirty year old sewing machine I'm trying to figure out (sans-manual). I did manage to complete a roman shade for the laundry room. (But it's sitting on the dryer, I didn't exactly install it yet.)
The cinnamon raisin bread came out yummy, if not a tiny bit overinflated. And, can I say, golden raisins are far more scrumptious than regular raisins?
The book continues to chug along at the rate of a paragraph per day. But, according to a story I watched on 60 minutes yesterday, it's not my fault. It's the internet's fault. It's broken our attention span down so much that we can't focus on large projects. Or at least I think that's what it said, I stopped listening.
My bakery colors are shades of white, pink and orange. And since the walls will be light pink and several of the accessories are darker pink, I should probably paint this table orange. (A pale sherbet kind of orange, not halloween orange) but I kind of want to paint it turquoise!  But that's not part of my color palate, so orange it is.

Table to be rehabbed. Better photos to come.

Today's tasks:
Pick the bag worms off my tree. Those bastards are killing it and frankly, I don't need any help killing my shrubbery, thankyouverymuch. Then, a trip to Home Depot to pick up orange paint for the table and gray paint for the walls of the spare bedroom. Yes, despite the whole 'not making any money at the moment therefore we shouldn't spend money' thing, I have a suspicion that we might be selling our house very soon. We tend to do these kinds of giant things on whims and we need the last room complete. Then I need to start baking. Come Saturday, a friend of mine will be in town and will photograph a bunch of my sweets! This will be used for my webpage, in-store photography and stuff like that. So I need to bake a few cakes, brownies, cupcakes, cookies and maybe a cheesecake, so that I have a variety of items ready to go. Oh, and macarons. They're just too cute to leave out. I'm really excited about this. And will probably spend way too much time prepping for it this week.
Not an example of my friends awesome photography. This is my lame photography.

So, have you seen any really cool food photography that we should try to emulate? I'm thinking it's going to be more scene-oriented. (If that's a thing) Some might be set up like the cupcakes are in the process of being decorated, with a spill of sprinkles and a piping bag of icing placed nearby. I plan on photographing the rainbow cake with a big slice taken out of it, showing all the pretty layers with the rest of the cake in the background. Stuff like that.
OH! And I forgot the big thing. I won an online auction for a mixer. It's odd in that it's a very old mixer (like way old), but bakeries and pizza places still use them. They're built like tanks. Regardless, I got one that says it works (fingers crossed, it's a gamble.) but instead of the $8,000 that they can cost, I got mine for $130. Yes. $130. I have to buy a bowl and the attachment, (which, I've already found locally for $150) so, total investment, less than $300 for a 30 quart mixer. But, that means I have to drive to northwest Arkansas to go pick it up. Tomorrow. Looks like that collection in the garage is going to be growing.