I've been a crazy cake-baking lady lately.

From a cute Cat in the Hat cake,

To clown shoes for a friend,

To a race car...

That lights up! I've been busy.

There have been matching car cookies,

And kites for Thing #1 and Thing #2 to match the cake,

There have even been Samurai Power Ranger cupcakes!

On the bakery front, things are moving forward. I think I'm getting my location. I want it to be official before I start announcing it. So as soon as I hear something, I will let you guys know. And when I do, I'll show you the logo, too! My house is slowly piling up with bakery related items. There are cloche jars in the spare bedroom, the pool table is covered in glass jars, little shelves and far too many paper straws. And in the garage? With my new car? A commercial oven.

What, you don't keep a giant oven in your garage? I thought everyone did.
The doors are taped up because we had to remove the handles to get it out of the back of the restaurant where it was being kept.
I kept telling Brad it was 'big.' He kept asking why I couldn't just use a regular oven. And I would say, "No, this is bigger than a regular oven. It's like five feet tall or something." And I don't think he ever really 'got' how big it was, until he was standing in front of it asking me how the hell we were supposed to move it.
I won't go into the full details of how we [meaning he and the nice guy selling it to me] drug it to a back door and then how his truck couldn't get straight at the door because the alley was too narrow, and that they [now 4 guys] ended up pushing the [500 lb] oven across three boards into the truck. And that we had to drive with it [taller than the truck] for almost 70 miles. Truckers were passing us angrily.

Regardless, it was quite eventful but saved me over $1,000 on this [very slightly] used oven. So, I'm happy.