Blog love

What I want to do right now is complain. Complain that I burned my arm making orange preserves (don't ask). Complain that I have a killer headache (which I read can be linked to the temperature, hmmm, it's currently 105ยบ here right now, can't image why my brain feels like an egg being boiled that's cracked open). And I want to complain that things just aren't moving fast enough.
But I'm not. Instead, I thought I'd share a list of some of my favorite blogs right now. The ladies out there that make me laugh, think and get in the kitchen and try new recipes.

What started as a blog to help design/work through her wedding, Nicole now shares darling photos of things from around the internet. She's a sweetheart, a former coworker, and writer by trade. She signs off every post with an xo, which I find adorable because knowing her, she truly means it. 

Shelly is not someone I know personally, but I wouldn't mind if I did. She's a riot and her recipes are insane delicious and not at all intimidating. Today? She made up snickers popcorn. Definitely going to have to try that. 

I love it because she's back. Sarah was around for a while and then stopped blogging. I was a bit upset, I thought she stopped living her fab life, but no, she was just too busy living it to tell us about it. She's fun and knows her way around a camera. If I could, I'd hire her to follow me around and take pictures of everything. I think that would be fun. 

Ever think you're the last person to find something? That's how I feel with this blog. She's been around for a while but somehow I've never encountered her before! Great photos, great recipes, fun story telling. I dig it all. 

Elizabeth is awesome. A mom who rocks hard and has managed to avoid the mall for almost a year. Her stories are hi-larious, if I do say so myself. Plus she's super encouraging. If I had to pick five people to take with me to an island, she would be one of them. 

Kristy explores new recipes and then shares the results with us, including what her kids (ages 7 and 2 I believe) think about them. Often, that's the best part. She's funny and cool and even though I don't have kids, I get it. She's on a brief bloggy break, so she might not even see this. 

Erin is an amazing writer, seriously, as someone who's been paid to write, I can't believe she just does this for fun. Her stories are heartwarming, hilarious and sometimes sad. She's a mom of three with another on the way. And anyone who refers to her subscribers as 'the gang from Java Joe's' has my Friend's loving heart. 

I think the title of her blog kind of sums it up. What would you expect from a blog written by a yoga instructor to the stars? Exactly. That's what you get. 

Sara can be boiled down to two facts. 1. She has a overwhelming fear of ax murderers. 2. She loves to run. Those two things might be related, I'm not sure. I've loved Sara's blog for a while, but lately she's taken a private battle public, and I commend her for the strength and courage that requires. She's awesome and I big puffy pink heart her. 

OK, that's just a smidgen of the lovely blog ladies that I adore. I've also got a ton of local lovelies that are wonderful (like Kerri, Savannah, Sarabeth, Liz and Amy) that I know IRL. So, if you don't know these blogs already, you should get to know them. I'm so very glad that I have.