Just stuff

There are so many random things I know. Like the fact that posting this on a late Friday afternoon ensures that few people will actually read this. I'm OK with that. This is one of those posts that are more for me than anything else.
I was born 8-8-80 at 8:58 p.m.
Can you guess my lucky number?
Monday is my birthday. I will turn 31. I don't know what it is about 31 that seems so scary, but it is. Last year when I turned 30, I said adios to my twenties with a roaring party where I passed out before midnight. I've never been a good partier. And that's OK. But this year? It's different. 31 seems very 'mature' in the sense that I'm not in my twenties any more. I can't physically go out and act a fool all night, nor should I. It's also different because I'm stepping out and launching my own business. It's moving so quickly and at the same time, so slowly. I've got so many projects and plans in the works right now that if even half of them are successful, I will have no problems not only returning to the lifestyle I was accustomed to, but even surpassing it. (I will share these plans as I can)
There's just something about the New Year and birthdays that make us reflect. Another year older and hopefully wiser. Another year gone. Did I spend it doing something productive? Did I enjoy it? Did I learn anything?
I have learned much. I have learned that age and maturity do not go hand in hand. That job security is a myth told to us by our parents. I have learned that friends-true friends are hard to come by. I have more of them than I would have thought, but they are not the ones I would have named a year ago. And I am the one to blame for that. I have learned that I am capable of much. That I have done much great. And I will continue to do great things. I have learned that even when I cry, I'm stronger than so many others. I have learned that once again, I have a husband that will stand by me through thick and thin. (and all I have to do is give him the remote control.)

I have learned that family has nothing to do with the blood that runs through my veins and everything to do with those I choose to surround myself with.
In this past year, I have fallen down. But better, I have picked myself up. I have made friends, I have grown stronger friendships, I have felt more comfortable as myself than I ever have my entire life. I have grown into my skin and I like the way it feels.
Somewhere along the way, I figured out that luck was something you could make for yourself. So I wear this necklace every day to remind myself that I am in fact 'lucky' and that I can do something about where I am at in life.
There were many ups last year, but there were also several downs. Thirty was a good year for me, and I'm excited to see what 31 brings.