THE Book

So, this is THE book. (No, not that book)
This is the book where I put all my 'approved recipes.' Recipes like Triple Threat brownies (they have three different kinds of peanut butter), vanilla bean cheesecake, Oh Dear! cookies (cranberries, orange and white chocolate? I think so.) and Spiced Rum Cake.
It's also got the classics like chocolate fudge cake, white wedding [cake], strawberries and cream cake, sugar cookies, from scratch Oreos (not sure what to call those), zucchini bread, an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie that will rock your socks off and a brown sugar frosting.
The newest additions include candied bacon, banana's foster cupcakes, burbon bacon truffles and a salted caramel sauce.
Things I'm still waiting to try out that might make it into the book: crepe cake, baklava, and I want to play with marzipan.
So I guess the question is, what am I missing? I like to make up new recipes when I can or modify something that already has a great start. So what's the latest recipe you've picked up that I need to have in my bakery?