The good, the bad and the broken mixer

So, I'm going to try to focus on the good, and not the bad. Not the fact that after five months of being out of work and several setbacks with the bakery my stomach finally began to really hurt. The sad thing is, this is how bad it hurt on a daily basis at my last job.
So, according to my body, working there is worse than being unemployed for almost half a year. Which says a lot coming from a workaholic like myself.
Anyway, the good. Well, actually lets start with the mixer. I was making cream cheese frosting. And I let the cream cheese get too soft. (See, it needs to be soft, but not too soft.) It was crawling up the beaters and in my already fragile state, sent me over the edge. Have you ever seen a grown woman fling herself on the floor in tears over frosting? It's not pretty. But Brad scooped me up and told me to go to bed. I said I had to finish the frosting first, so he offered to help. (Have I mentioned how much my hubs rocks?) I was using a knife to push the frosting back down into the bowl while adding more powdered sugar. Brad took the knife and started doing that part for me. And then it slipped and the knife got wedged between the beaters. No more mixer.
I was sad because well, I loved that mixer and they don't make that same one anymore. Also, Brad got it for me when we moved into our first house. I had really just started playing with cake decorating and desperately needed a stand mixer. We had agreed no Christmas gifts since we just bought a house. He bought it for me anyway. (This is why I'm spoiled.) I've purchased and returned a kitchen aid. I didn't like it. So now I'm trying the mixer from Better Homes and Gardens from Walmart. Hopefully it will do well. Who knows.
So back to the good. After my meltdown last week, I needed good things, and these are lifting my spirit as we speak [I type?]
I purchased 1/2 pound of Madagascar vanilla from Beanilla. I've purchased from them before. I bought the Madagascar as well as the Tahitian. I didn't like the Tahitian, it's definitely more floral and I didn't care for it. I guess that's why Madagascar is the most popular vanilla. I also purchased some vanilla fleur de sal.

I believe that Liz was the one who suggested I try them. Then, I saw this recipe in a tweet from C&H Sugar. I had to try them. Caramels are kind of daunting. Sugar? Heat? Candy thermometer? I've always been scared. And yet, these really were simple. And sooooo delicious! Definitely worth trying if you have the time.

This Table.
I found this table at the Civitan (local shop like goodwill) for $10. Yes, ten whole dollars. I know nothing about furniture styles or age or anything, but this looks to be the 'good' old, in great condition and itching for a coat of stain.

Seriously, this list could have just had 'sprinkles' on it and I would still be just as happy. I really want my bakery to have the best. To have things that others just aren't carrying locally. I came across these dark chocolate flakes and had to have them. They're not those waxy chocolate jimmies that you typically encounter on a cupcake. These are tiny flakes of deliciousness. And I had to have them. The webpage said that you should have them overnighted to prevent melting. I like to walk on the wild side, by which I mean, I refused to pay $50 to overnight $20 worth of sprinkles. I risked it. And thankfully, they arrived in their perfect pristine flakes and not a globby box of chocolate goo.
And that makes me happy.
(Also, I hate the idea that I have to worry about heat and melting in mid-October.)

Even though I'd rather end on a good note, I will go ahead and say this: I'm not going to be able to open in October. I feel devastated. Which is really silly. Some of the devastation comes from the fact that I've been waiting several months, thinking that things were being done, only to find out that nothing has been done. Meaning had I pushed a few months ago, I could already be open. That kind of stuff drives me bonkers. But, I'm just going to take it in stride. Life and all.