Complete Randomness

So here I sit, realizing that yet another week has passed and I haven't managed to write anything. And writing about not writing is tres boring. (Sorry, I don't actually know French. I claim to know Spanish, but  Brad is often quick to point out that my three years of intro Spanish almost 15 years ago does not, in fact, count.)

Two actual conversations Brad and I had in the past week:

Brad: I heard this 80's station on Pandora is really good.

Kelli: Doesn't matter. It's not a 'station' (yes, I used air quotes), it's an algorithm that changes based on your thumbs up or thumbs down. So no two people are actually listening to the same 'station.' (air quotes again.)

Brad: I hate you.


Brad: Have you noticed that [friend] seems to be a bit obsessed with you?

Me: A little. But I think you offering to sell me to him isn't helping the matter.


OK, now if you want proof that I could hold a gold medal in blinking when a camera is on me, watch this story from our local channel 11 (with my awesome friend, Lauren Clark).

Oh, look, I'm even blinking in the screen grab.
(Heart my pink chefs coat!)
Basically Arkansas was ranked the second friendliest state for a new business and Channel 11 wanted to feature a small business and get their take. Lauren immediately thought of me, and I'm glad she did.
Even though I blinked.
A lot.
(and may or may not sound like a red neck. That is still out for debate.)

So, if you need me, I'll be in the back baking, reciting 'The Rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain.'