Semi-Wordless Wednesday

I've got some friends who have recently become parents. Yea for them. I'm happy that they're happy.

But really? How many facebook updates do I have to read about poopie diapers?

How many bath time instagram photos do I have to see?

How many tweets about teething must I suffer through?

I know they're happy, but it's really ALL they talk about.

It's boring. And I'm totally not interested in it.

And to you guys, I am that friend. Except instead of tiny clothing, sleepless nights and pacis, I inundate you with tales of fondant, sugar, butter and the woes of being a new business owner.

A WIP dummy cake for the window
I apologize for that.

By far the coolest baby shower cake I've ever made
Let me make it up to you with some pretty pictures of cake. :)

The amount of math that went into this to make sure the saying
fix EXACTLY was astounding.
(If you have some topic you would like to read about, I suggest you offer it up, otherwise, I'm talking cake.)