A woman with no country

I didn't watch any of the olympics, save for a few moments of some kind of equestrian challenge while Brad tried to find the 100 meter dash (they aired it much later that night we found out). But I saw a few people tweet during the opening ceremonies that there were a few athletes that for whatever reason, did not have a country. Some remarked at how sad that was.
It made me think. That is how I often feel. While I have a family, truly, it's just Brad and I. While I love our dogs, they simply do not count. And as far as my 'growing up' family, we just aren't.
My sister has her life and her roller derby 'family.' She has found a place where she belongs.
I watch other close nit groups of friends through Twitter and Facebook. Groups that are bound by similar interests, backgrounds, likes and jobs. Before the bakery, I knew I didn't have to eat lunch alone if I didn't want to. But now, if I even have time to eat lunch, it's often alone.
And then there's the KID factor. As in, we don't have one. Often parents wrap adult time around a kid focused event. It makes perfect sense. But as we have no kid to bring, we're not always invited to those kinds of things. It happens. I'm not blaming anyone, it's just simply how things happen.
We had a group of friends that we hung out with regularly, but lately things have been, off. People just aren't gathering like they used to. We've scattered in the wind like seeds. Each planting themselves in new places, new experiences. Families. Babies. Businesses. Life just takes over.
It feels like high school all over again.
Except I no longer have yearbook staff to hide behind.
I guess what I'm saying is that I feel left out. And there is not a damn thing I can do about it. The New York Times just ran an article about why it's hard to make new friends in your 30s, obviously Brad and I aren't the only ones with this problem.
According to the article, the period for making a BFF is limited to your teens and early 20s. And while in college, I made a few friends. But the one in particular I bonded with the most?
I married.
I guess that's the price you pay when you marry your best friend. It's just the two of you.
And while we are happy together, sometimes, it would be nice to have someone else to hang out with.
You know, when we're not working 16 hour stretches at the bakery. Or spending the day exhausted after said 16 hours.