four hundred

This post marks my four hundredth post to this here little blog. Technically, there were more posts. Posts several years ago that were punctuated with anger and frustration at having a live-in mother in law. Many of those posts were taken down.
It happens. In this virtual world where words live on forever, long after the initial hurt that spawned them has dwindled, leaving only a faint scar that you sometimes stare at, wondering where it came from in the first place.
Over the past few weeks, I've been alone in the bakery a lot. It's given me time to get lost in my own head.
It's probably not for the best. When I get lost in thought, I feel like Alice down the rabbit hole. But instead of magic bottles of potion and creative creatures, I get sucked into 'what ifs' and bad childhood memories. I toy with the idea of locking up the bakery and running away. Where to? A beach. Some place tropical. Really anywhere will do.
I think to some degree, we all want to escape. To run. Whether it's from a mountain of laundry, a disease or a problem we've created ourselves.
The idea that things will be better somewhere else is such a powerful one that it's hard not to live in the fantasy.
But instead, you roll up your sleeves and trudge on. You get it done because you simply must.
Shockingly, this past weekend went off without much of a hitch. Cakes were all delivered, none of them destroyed. I've already heard good things about them so I feel like overall, it was a success.
Since then, I have realized that I have another three wedding weekend coming up.
Lets just hope it turns out as 'smoothly' as this last one.

Here are the three cakes:

An art deco inspired wedding:

Hand-made locks and keys:

Sheet music to 'their song":

And a Groom's cake: