Things are OK

I find that at the moment, I just don't have much to say. If I'm not whining, I'm simply not opening my mouth. It's not that I'm a negative person (*cough* OK, I probably am. *cough*) but I feel really strange talking about good things.
Does that make sense? If you complain, people can leave the conversation thinking, "At least I don't have to deal with that." and they can help try to cheer you up. But if you just talk about how awesome life is, I think people will start to hate you. (Or is that just me?) I'm not saying that your friends wish you ill, just that sometimes it's nice to know that other people are having a hard time too.
So I guess with that mindset, I tend to lead with negative stuff, lest people think I'm bragging.
But, lately things have been going well.
Despite having let my baker go and having to trudge though these past two weeks mostly alone (not alone, Brad worked at least 20 hours in the bakery making my icing and such and some super awesome friends came to help me last Saturday after I sent out a plea via Twitter.) So, no I haven't actually been alone, but the brunt of the workload has fallen on my shoulders. And I haven't been able to leave the bakery during business hours, so I've felt like a caged tiger.
But other than THAT, its been remarkable.
I completed my application for the Food Network show, and now I wait.
I suck, suck, suck at waiting. I've been refreshing my email every five minutes (even though it refreshes that frequently already). That of course, was until yesterday afternoon when I realized that THEY COULD ALSO CALL! So then I started checking my phone. Of course, the phone was already in my pocket, connected to headphones, so there was NO chance of missing a call.
Did that stop me from pulling it out every other song and staring at the screen, willing it to ring?
Of course not.
Then, there was this.

It's been retweeted 24 times, favorited 16, and I got at least another 25 replies of some sort.
Did you know that Cakewrecks has 1.2 MILLION followers? She does. Brad, of course, could not care less. I was jumping around yelling, "This. Is. A. Big. Deal!" And he was all, "Twitter. Is. Stupid."
So no, he didn't get it.
Here's the 'gorgeous rainbow polo shirt cake.' her words, not mine. :)

This photo was taken by my friend Kyle, who, of course is a photographer by trade. He gave this cake to a friend of his who is a fashion stylist for his birthday. I loved, loved, loved the idea of taking the rainbow cake and making shirts. These kinds of things make me smile. 
This is why I love my job. I love that he was able to give an amazing gift to his friend. A gift that fit him so perfectly. I love that I created this- with my hands and with my head. I love that in addition to being beautiful, it's also delicious. And fun. And I wish that every day could be filled with rainbow shirt cakes. (Or, wait for it- a dead Glenn Beck head. Yes, that's next weekend.) 
This weekend is going to be filled with wedding cakes. Three distinctive cakes, each designed specifically for the couple. I can't wait to start. Actually, I've already started on some of the detailing. 
These are locks and keys for one cake. They will be painted in shades of gold and silver. 


I might not get my big break in TV this week. I might not have someone who can come and bake all of my cakes. And I might not get as much sleep as I like. But right now, at this moment, things are OK.