Highs and lows

As per usual, things have been chaotic around the bakery.
On a stupid note, I had to refill the edible ink on my printer. That is a task that requires a minimum of four hands and always ends up with food coloring every where.
I'm serious.
So, of course, me, by myself, I got it:
-on the table.
-all over four paper towels.
-myself (naturally)
-the floor
-the other bottles.
Clearly I'm gifted.

But on a more serious note, I'm alone up here. I had to let my baker go. And it's something that I've been struggling with. It's something I will always struggle with. Because of the close nature of the bakery, I will almost always end up bonding with the people I work closely with. It's just going to happen.
And then one day, they will screw up to a point that I can no longer overlook and I'm going to have to let them go. And that sucks.
I think the part I hate the most is that I feel like I might have done to her what was done to me -- being let go without really knowing something like that was about to happen. I hate to think I made someone feel the way I was made to feel.
Lower than low.
And that sucks.

And, of course, right now, I'm bearing the brunt of the bakery by myself. I have scads of open emails that desperately need to be replied to. (my general argument for blogging and not replying is, seriously, if it's that important, they can call me. There are other forms of communication.) I have tons of mid-week cakes that need my attention and overall, I'm still exhausted from the 70 hours last week. And I'm scared to think that come Thursday, I have to BAKE ALL OF THESE CAKES BY MYSELF.
I'm really not that excited about it. Granted, I managed to bake the same amount (technically, more) all by myself on Monday than what we typically bake together. So, other than sheer exhaustion, there's not  much I'm losing.

And for the high.
I was approached to submit an audition video for a Food Network show.
W. T. F.
I filmed the video this morning and an awesome friend is helping edit it and make it look like I'm not a moron. He has his work cut out for him. I'm quite certain that they will watch this video and laugh at themselves and yell, "Next!" as they make fun of the Southern accent that comes out of my mouth when filmed and the rapid fire blinking that happens when I'm nervous. Regardless, I think it was good practice. And if I'm not cut out for this show, maybe there's something else I could do in the future.
One can hope, right?