Does this technically make me a writer for Target?

I'm putting this here for two reasons:
1. I think there might be three people who read this blog but who don't follow me on twitter and aren't friends with me on facebook.
2. I want to be able to quickly find this and come back to it whenever I need a laugh.

So a week ago, I got a DM from Target.

Found it interesting and clicked over to the link. I wasn't sure what exactly was going on but I opted in and basically give them permission to use my tweets.

I forgot, until I got another tweet from them saying that they had used my tweet and I could go watch it here:

OK, so things I love about this:
1. I like to think I would have come up with something like this when I worked in advertising. (Maybe not me, but I would have been on the team and maybe I would have contributed something hilarious).
2. It's one of my snarky (but not necessarily mean) tweets about cake!
3. She said 'fondant' correctly. 
4. I love Target. 

If you need me, I will be in my trailer. (because I'm famous? Get it?) 
Or really, kitchen. Baking. Smelling like sugar.