It's something I'm struggling with really, really hard right now. I love those businesses where you can walk in and know the owner. There's just something simple and small town and adorable about it. You know that there's care in everything when the owner has her own hands in everything (literally, in my case, of course).
But I feel like that's an adorable dream circa 1950. And here, today in 2013, with the technology we have available, it's somehow much, much different.
I love my twitter account. Like, I have an unnatural attachment to it. It's like carrying around 900 friends in my pocket, where at any given moment, I can strike up a conversation with any of them. And I love that. I bore easily and it keeps me distracted entertained throughout the day.
The problem is, there has always been, and always will be a blurry line between Sweet Love and Kelli Marks. And, I'll be honest when I say, I love that my name is automatically tied to my business. There are some local places that I love but have no clue who owns it or who the chef is or anything like that. I love that I am synonymous with my business. It's great, it's the brand that I have built.
And yet, at times, I want my privacy. I've started to notice people who are purely my customers (and not friends who also happen to get their baked goods from me) are starting to follow me on twitter. And now I have to think twice about what I tweet. I've always had a snarky side to me and I really like letting that loose on twitter. And while I try to never, ever make fun of a customer in a public realm, I have skated just on the edge of that with my personal account more than once. But now I feel the need to back off. To not say what I'm thinking. To sensor myself.
And that makes me sad. It makes me want to take my twitter account private. And I don't really want to do that.
I have enough to worry about not offending people with my language and my crazy opinions. But now I have to worry about potentially losing a customer because of my personal views. I feel like I have enough to worry about, I really don't need this too.
And I know, easy answer is don't tweet about business-related stuff. I work 70 hours a week, my life IS business-related stuff. And the occasional meal out. So to stop talking about that completely would be the end of me tweeting, basically. And I'm definitely not ready for that. So the question is, how do I deal with this?