Cake Cred- Celeb Style

I've simply resolved that I just wont be over here nearly as much as I used to be. And that means that you guys have to pass your days without knowing every waking thought that passes through my tangled brain.
You're probably ok with that.
It's ok.
But, I do want to jot down the big stuff. The OMG I want to remember this moment and what it meant to me.
I had my first Ace of Cakes moment last week.
Thats right, I made a cake for a celebrity. And I know this is a big deal because my klout score climbed to 68. (Ok, I don't care about klout, its obviously really stupid. It must be if I'm 'succeeding' at it. But it makes me laugh.)
One of my really awesome clients found out that George Takei would be in town and touring their facility last Thursday and that Saturday was his birthday. So they called me for the cake. After a bit of discussing, it was decided that we must do the Starship Enterprise. (although a true Star Trek geek friend pointed out that it should have been this other ship that he was captain of. And yes, several other geeks later pointed that same thing out. Regardless, Enterprise, it was.)
So I went home and Brad and I made the supporting base Tuesday night. Wednesday I decorated it and they picked it up first thing Thursday morning.
I'm not going to go into the frustration of keeping those little thingy attached at the back. (I think I saw someone call them 'nacelles') We built the frame quickly and they weren't attached well. I was scared one might fall off. Thankfully, it didn't.
Thursday was a good day (totally making up for the frustration of the day before) And now, I have a cool photo to put into one of the many frames on my bakery wall!