Going back to Cali. (Or more appropriately, I went back to Cali)

Shortly after graduating high school, I managed to spend about 3 months living in California. I road tripped out there with a friend and her family, stayed with her cousins for a week where we had bonfires on the beach and stayed up all night playing pool. Then I stayed with my aunt and worked at Subway, making some cash for college. I visited pretty much every amusement park while there and upon returning, vowed to never use the word "y'all" again. And I don't (other than to reference that I don't use it. Like I don't even like to say the word, I call it 'that Y word.' As far as I'm concerned it's worse than cursing.)
I went completely dorky and ran out to take photos of
Sean Penn. He was filming in the same studio as us.

Regardless, it was great, I loved it and I've been dying to go back ever since. And last week, I did! Unfortunately, it was not the sunny California I remember from my high school days. As winter reared it's ugly head here in Arkansas in the form of a snow and ice storm, California experienced rain. The residents were all ecstatic, something about a two year drought and how desperately they needed the rain. All I knew was that I was walking around downtown LA in a light jacket and a scarf I grabbed more for fashion than warmth and I was a bit irritated.
Here's the funny thing. People get all bent out of shape when we have terrible ice weather here in Arkansas- "People don't know how to drive!" they cry. And "OMG, can't you just get a salt truck out there?" But we're simply not equipped to deal with ice and snow. It just doesn't happen that frequently. In LA? They are soooooo not equipped for water. There's practically an entire city underground. So there's no place for the water to go. All their surfaces are stone. Beautiful stone. That is IMPOSSIBLE to walk on in the rain!
Anyway, that was a random sidebar. I just had to put that out there.
But, the question is, why was I in LA? I can't tell you. Not exactly. Not now, at least. But I will say that  there is a company that I do business with and they flew me out for a photo shoot to potentially be a part of their next marketing campaign. I was expressly told not to tweet/IG/Facebook any photos since it was a closed set. We are not allowed to reveal anything about the campaign until the client launches it. And having been in advertising, I mean, well, duh. I get it. So, there were twelve of us total, and we were told that 8-10 will be used initially and the remaining people will possibly be rolled out in a later wave. So there's a descent chance that you will never see the images that were taken. And again, that's ok. It was an amazing experience. And Brad and I extended our stay past the shoot and hung out in LA for a bit.
We stayed at The Standard hotel. Which was really cool. Probably too cool. Like, I think the place is run by hipsters.
See? Who has this in their lobby? Hipsters, that's who.
We also made the trek out to Long Beach and visited Sweet and Saucy Shop- a cake shop that I obsessively follow on twitter, instagram, Facebook, you know, anywhere I can find them. I'm a borderline stalker. 
I just plain love her style!
Overall, it was a successful trip, minus the rain and cold. Of course, we came back to ice and snow and had to retrieve two vehicles and our dogs, while being dressed for warmer LA weather. That was not fun.
I just wanted to throw all of this out there. And as soon as the campaign is live and I am able to share the story, I will update you on the client I was working with and the behind the scenes photos that I took. I met several other very cool people and it was simply amazing.