I work in advertising, and for the most part, my job is not stressful.  My life on the other hand, that is a completely different story.  From trying to build a home, raise puppies, entertain my husband, take care of his mom and her cancer, to my sister and her never-ending insanity, I tend to find myself a touch overwhelmed from time to time.
I have discovered that my body manifests stress in just about every way I have ever heard.  And it's kind of like that with many of my co-workers.  So many of us complain of stress, prone to bursting into tears over seemingly small things.  I realized last week that I clench my steering wheel while I drive.  I mean, straight up white knuckles.  And it's definitely not my car, I drive a Cobalt.  And I have started clenching my jaw at night.  This of course all on top of things like heart palpitations, ulcers, and the like.  I am almost certain that I will die of a heart attack, probably in my forties.  
But, that's just who we are now, isn't it?  My boss proudly double fists his coffee every morning, then downgrades to a single cup he refills throughout the day.  
Oh, the things we do to get by.

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