Does this job come with tissue?

So, as usual, yesterday was a combination of fun followed by a crashing let down.  I worked over the weekend and helped with a project for one of the partners.  That was good.  Plus, it was really easy and got me heaps of credit.  But, just when I think that maybe what I do around here is finally going to be appreciated, I step into an art directors cube to see the piece we are currently working on.  She shows me, and there is no space for the headline that I'm working on.  OK.  So, I say, "I was working on a headline," and say it to her.  She says, "No, you can't have a headline."  And I know why.  Because she didn't account for me to have one.  It's bad enough that the Account Executives write copy for me, or the client (ugh!) provides copy, but now, Art Directors are making assumptions when we even need copy!?!?  I mean, shit, they only gave me an hour to work on it anyway.  And then, just like that, my one tiny little billable hour was ripped away from me.
At least once a week, I am reminded that my job is virtually useless, with great comments like, "That's too long.  Nobody's going to read that."  Or plainly, "Nobody reads ads anyway."  Thanks, so the entire public is stupid and only likes to look at pretty pictures.  Awesome.  Why am I here then?  
I try to base my work on research.  Which my boss likes (or at least used to)  except now, it seems that when I try to use research to back up my decisions, he just stops listening.  Like since I said something he disagrees with hes going to revert into a four-year old who is ignoring you.  
And the saddest part is, I love my job.  This is what I have wanted for so long.  I want to make a difference in advertising.  I want to be good. I want to write things that make people stop, think, and hopefully buy (mostly because the client will drop us if they don't).  To me, advertising is a new art form.  And writing is an opportunity to step into another persons mind and create something that makes them laugh, think, or maybe even cry.  
All I want to do is cry right now.

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