Yesterday was hectic.  I worked a partial day - I feel obligated, since I am the only writer, I hate to leave them stranded for a whole day.  And then I was off.  Running at lightning speed, putting together a wedding on a shoe string budget and in 7 hours no less.  I pick out flowers, call sister 1 and meet her at the location.  She hadn't actually seen it yet.  Then I was off to decorate the cup cakes.  It was easier than a full blown wedding cake, plus I wanted something big and showy without the PILE of cake left over.  I ran to the grocery store to pick up fresh strawberries, and back to the bakery to dip them in chocolate.  Calling my husband in between to coordinate everything I needed him to find/wash/pack into his car.  Grab us dinner and transfer the contents of my car into his and head back to the location.  Devour my first real meal of the day, I had been living on Mt. Dew so far and start putting everything together.  My sister and her husband/husband to be arrive and help.  We rearrange the furniture and put out candles and flowers.  It wasn't much, but it was heaps better than the event my sister had originally planned in her living room.  And seeing that she sprung this on me only two short weeks ahead, and the fact that I didn't have confirmation on the location until a mere 48 hours prior to the event, I think it went well.  The only hitch came in my uneducation about the proper means to burn a CD on a mac.  As a reformed pc user, I am still confused by the overwhelming simplicity of this tiny thing sitting on my lap.  So, the music played from the tiny speaker of my G4.  
Although I wanted desperately to make fun of my sisters event, I mean, she re-married a guy she never even divorced, after almost marrying a completely different guy.  And the bride was beautiful despite the three visible tattoos on her back.  And the groom was probably the guy she should be marrying [again], despite the "I have a huge pen" shirt that he eventually changed into.  But, the ceremony actually made me tear up.  And I really hope that she has found what she has always been desperately seeking.  And the fact that it is something she has had at her disposal for over six years, makes me hope that she truly appreciates that it is still there.

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