Putting words in mouths

Today, I am enjoying one of my simple pleasures.  The ability to literally put words into other peoples mouths.  Because that is really what my job boils down to – making up things for other people to "say."  Usually it is a company, rather than a person.  A bank.  A hotel.  A museum.  But today, today I have the joy of putting my words into the Governor's mouth.  Which is fun, because I can take a break from my "6th grade routine."  Huh?  
Guess I should explain, the majority of the public [if I knew the number, I would put it here] has the literacy of a 6th grader, so that's where most of my writing should lie.  Luckily, since these words are coming from the Gov, I get to write a little higher, since his constituents are all educated. 
Once, I was actually chastised because I could not get my writing to fall within the 6th grade level.  Actually, despite all attempts, the Fleisch Kincaid registered it at a grade 14 (down from the original 16).  So, for a week, I walked around bragging that I was incapable of writing at such a low level.  Guy friend proceeded to make fun of me, calling me a 'word nerd.'
And, I am by no means political.  I hate politics.  I think we should start over, and I don't mean the way we start over every four years, I mean from scratch, completely.  Call it a mulligan if you will.  But, since the debate was last night, and there is nothing I can do to avoid coverage of it today, and seeing that I am writing for the Gov today, politics is on my mind.  I wonder how many people there are like me, the words behind the faces.  
So, who was responsible for the "bulldog/lipstick" comment?

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