Trials and Tribulations of building a house (Part 4)

So, as my new iPhone has sadly just brought to my attention, it is October 1.  Which is awesome, I am totally loving the crisp smell in the air and the fact that I can start pulling out my beloved collection of jackets.  I have several that make me want to spin in circles in the middle of the street like a moron from some hopeless romance movie (or something like that).
But, really, what October 1 marks for me is another missed deadline.  For my house.  Originally it was August 1.  Totally blew that one, not even close.  So then it was September 1.  Yeah, missed that one too.  But I really held out hope for October 1.  We are close this time.  The paperwork for the ARC (architectural review committee) is in the mail.  A new bank VP will be picking up the loan paperwork, well, half an hour ago.  We went back to the architect and had him revise our plans BACK to the original bonus room (opposed to a basement).  And the builder has a final cost list that we are mostly OK with, if you overlook the fact that, according to husband, "the house got away from us."  
We had intended a modest (if you want to go with that) 2,200 – 2,300 square foot house.  With the bonus room, we are pushing 2,800 sqft, and the matching budget.  
So, October 1 may not longer be attainable, but, I hold high hopes for Monday, October 13.  What can I say, I have high hopes!

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