Babies, babies, and more babies

Yesterday, my sister posted a rather forlorn status update on Facebook.  I took the bait and sent her a message asking what was up.  She replied that she was sad that she and her husband were trying -rather unsuccessfully- to have a second child.
My heart went into my throat, and I stared at the message, trying to make sure that I wasn't reading something that wasn't actually there.
The thing is, she isn't prepared for a second child, financially or otherwise.  I talk about this here and here
I wont launch into the diatribe that I gave her, the long phone conversation, or the necessary 'wrap up' message on Facebook this morning.  Instead, I will sum up, hubby and I are what I would call 'non kid havers' where [obviously] sis is a kid haver.  There is nothing wrong with either, it's just that we have different opinions on things.
One of my friends had the unfortunate experience of giving birth to her child at 24 weeks, back in September.  He is now about three pounds (double his birth weight).  A week ago, he was transfered to a specialized children's hospital due to complications.  This tiny, little baby is fighting for his life, and he has the best parents waiting at home, just itching to bring him there.
Then, this morning, one of the blogs I follow had a post about – you guessed it, babies.  Baby names and name etiquette.  Liz always has some pretty funny stuff to say, and as she is currently mom to a fuzzy baby (Mabel), she and her husband remind me of me and my husband and our fuzzy babies.  While the jury is still out for Liz and Matt, hubby and I are baby-free, and plan to keep it that way.
But, let me set the record straight, I am in no way anti-baby.  I scoop my puppies up and sniff their little heads just like any other mother.  Except, they don't smell like baby powder.  I get so proud of my pups when they learn a new trick, or when they look up at me with those puppy dog eyes.  And I can only guess what that feels like if you actually created the tiny creature that you dote on.
I guess it's a really good thing we have decided to be pet parents instead, because with all this talk of babies, I can just hear that clock ticking!


  1. Watch out...blogland is full of baby talk! LOL

    I hope your friend's baby improves. I can imagine how heartbreaking it is for them.

  2. Wow, my heart goes out to her. I cant imagine the heartache parents feel over stuff like this, and sometimes I'm thankful that I dont really understand it.

    And I kiss Mabel's fuzzy head too. Glad I'm not the only one that's super crazy about my dog. :)