TIme for the Festivus pole

This year, Christmas is making me a tiny bit sad.  We are building our house, which is awesome to say the least, but that means we aren't in our home.  And all my stuff is in storage.  While I have already lamented about how much I miss my couch and some of my clothes and SO MANY of my cooking supplies, my sadness now stretches to include my holiday decorations.
Now, I am not one to light the exterior of the house or purchase any of those God-awful blow-up yard things.  But, I like my slim fir (fake) tree and my different decorations.  Each year, I pick a color combination or theme and go to town.  From the bow at the top down to the bow on each gift, it all matches.  Whether it's gold and silver, silver and blue or gold and red, the decorations, lights and wrapping paper all match.  
I finally decided I should start taking photos of my cute little tree each year.  And sadly, last year, my husband deleted the photo before it made its way safely to my laptop.  I threatened him with re-decorating and wrapping fake gifts, but never made good on it.
Growing up, my sister and I would always decorate our tree with crazy themes, and my mom had enough different decorations that we could come up with a completely new theme from now until forever.  She had M&M lights and Hershey Kiss lights, as well as strings of all white, all blue, and all red.  Some of her multi-colored lights twinkled, while others did not.  She collected Disney, Warner Brothers and three children's worth of hand-made creations.  I always preferred the classic, beautiful gold ornaments with red lights.  
The first set of decorations I bought when I moved out were purple lights with iridescent decorations.  Looking back, I can't believe that was only about seven years ago.
So, my question to you (my like three people who happen upon my page occasionally), what's up with your tree this year?  Any traditions?

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  1. Just think of how much sweeter it will be next year when you are in your own house for the holidays!

    I love the idea of taking a picture each year of the little tree. You could set out a small, pocket-sized photo album at c-mas that showcases the different themes it's had over the years!