The good, the bad and the pasta

I'm in a pretty foul mood. Occasionally, it happens. OK, it probably happens a lot more than 'occasionally.' I try to pretend that I have legitimate reasons. But I probably don't.
I left work and met hubby at the new house. In 24 degree weather, we scoped out the problem with the house. Apparently the HVAC guys put a vent where we wanted lights. (Now, if the electrician had done the lights last week, like he had promised, the HVAC guys would have had to put the vent elsewhere. Don't get me started on that.) So, we checked up on the progress. Luckily, the electric is almost completely done, and they can begin insulation.
So as we leave, I call hubby and ask what we should do for dinner. I was responsible for grocery shopping this week and managed to make it out with nothing but pasta and soups. (and even one soup with pasta) Oops.
And his mom was waiting for us at home. And we all know that she doesn't like pasta. So, we ended up eating subs. Which will be off limits for me next year. She can't eat a chicken pasta with roma tomatoes and a light garlic sauce. But she will devour a pastrami sandwich.
It is always like this on day one. In her absence, I have forgotten how annoying it can be to have her around. How her perfume smells up the entire house. How she wont eat anything good that I cook, but will eat all the snacks in one sitting.
But on the upside, her doctor said after her last scan that all he could see was scar tissue. Amazing. So, right now, technically, she is cancer-free. They are going to continue her chemo for a bit longer, just to make sure that it is all gone.


  1. I'd eat a home cooked meal over a sub any day! ;)

    Your comment about the house reminded me of something. A friend had a house built, and when they did, they had the builder put in an electrical outlet near the roof. For Christmas lights. Genius! I wish the people who'd built our house had thought of that. Then there wouldn't be any ugly extension cords hanging down.

    Post some pics of the house as it's coming along if you can, I'd love to see it!

  2. Oh how weird. The word verification was "shiested." Like you are being shiested by the builder because they didn't put your lights in. LOL!! How funny!