Cake Friday

So,  a more clever title will soon follow, but for now, it's Friday and I'm talking about cake!
Last weekend, I did some work for the bakery and when I called to arrange everything, I was asked if I could manage a second cake (mind you the first was a three tier, fondant covered, chocolate bavarian creme filled, Asian themed cake.)  Of course, I said yes.  Because I always do.  I could be standing outside in a full-on tornado and I couldn't say no.  And not just to cakes, to
 anything.  But that's a different post. :)
This cake was a completely fondant cake.  I don't know the details other than the obvious – this guy is a doctor.  It could be a graduation thing (especially given this time of year) or it could be a birthday thing.  

I started with a 12 by 18 sheet cake and covered it with butter cream.  I then rolled out a square of blue fondant for the shirt and draped it over the cake, slightly off the back.  (Since the icing was fresh, the fondant stuck to it, but if it was iced hours prior, use piping gel to help it stay in place.) 

Next, I rolled out the white fondant.  I draped it over the cake, smoothing it down with a fondant smoother (my favorite tool).  Next, I gently cut out the while fondant and pulled out the shape, revealing the blue shirt underneath.  If I had tried to lift the white fondant precut, the shape would have gotten um, out of shape. 

I then cut out the shape of the blue collar and formed it around the shirt.  
For the tie, I made a light pink and cut out the two pieces.  Wrinkle the tie to make it look more real.  And then I tucked the top of the tie under the edges of the blue collar.   

After that, I made the white collar and button details.  The buttons were made by using the large end of a piping tip (the back end), while the button holes were formed from the small end of a #2 tip. 

The stethoscope was rolled out of a light gray and then black fondant.  I draped it around the
 neck and held it down with a little extract.  On the gray pieces, I went back and painted over it with luster dust.  I used a combination of pearl and moonstruck.  

The name tag was a light brown/cream fondant that I painted with gold luster dust.  I then piped the name on.  I used a small piece of fondant to raise the name tag so it had some dimension. 

Total, this cake took about two hours to decorate.  It was fun, and really easy.  Once you understand the simple mechanics of fondant, it's really easy to work with.   If you have any questions, just hit me up.  I will answer them in the comments section. 


  1. Move out of the way Martha! That's fantastic Kelli. Wow. Just wow.

  2. wow. wow. nuts insanity. Wait...if you get an ace of cakes show, can I be the secretary or something even cooler?
    oh and the post below? Been there.