SWW: Cookie Edition

I've been on a cookie making kick lately. Kick in that people keep ordering them. And so I make them.
They are so much fun.

Where the Wild Things Are:

Where the wild things are cookie

Angry Birds:

Dinos: (Rawr)

How precious are these birds?

I recently saw a book on a blog where they made 3D cookies and I was intrigued. It just so happened  that I sat the cookie cutter up on its side and was inspired to make this happen. (Here's my tip in case you try to replicate something like this. I used a toothpick to hold the two cookies together while the icing dried and stuck it down into a square of styrofoam and pulled them out after they dried.)

And these are older, not sure if I've shared them, but LOVE. Star Wars cookies

Later this week I get to make Shrek cookies for the cast for Shrek the Musical!