Now, before you start, this post should not be confused with any of those Thanksgiving driven posts where we prattle on about the things we are thankful for in our lives, like our friends, pets and Starbucks. (Wait, is that just me?) This is about THE BAKERY!
Ha! Had you fooled there for a minute didn't I? Of course I'm still talking about that damn bakery. It is my business and all.
But seriously, although the battle is not yet over and I'm not quite open, there have been tons of people who have helped me get this far and I would be remiss not to thank them. (Speaking of opening, I've been told it's not out of the realm of possibility to be open before Thanksgiving! What?)

Number one: my husband Brad. He's been amazing. He didn't laugh at me when I declared that MBA be damned, I was going to decorate cakes! And while he teases me endlessly about the perpetual disaster the kitchen has been, he still cleans up after me- every night. And for that, I am very thankful (I really don't like doing dishes!). And, he's just been there as a sounding board and as a voice of reason when I'm crying over a bowl of buttercream icing. (Not in the buttercream, mind you, I wouldn't do that, I don't like a salty buttercream.)

Creating a bakery isn't difficult, but my friends have definitely made it easier. And, previously working at an ad agency gave me some skills and connections I wouldn't have had otherwise. Matt Owen is an art director who has recently been gaining notoriety among the film industry for his minimalist posters. He took the time to make me a logo. He actually made me three logos and I really loved them all. If a business could successfully work with three logos, I would have tried it. (Thankfully, I know better.) How a macho guy like Matt would work with pink and orange and pretty is a surprise. (Maybe it's his new baby Jane helping him tap into his softer side.)

From there, Nancy Ferrara, another art director created some adorable business cards and has been helping come up with some other marketing designs. I miss not being able to talk to her every day, but when I hand out a business card, I'm reminded of her. And speaking of said business cards, they were printed by my friend (and current houser of my giant mixer) Paul Strack of CustomXM.
I've been working with Scott Smith of Poster Boy on my store signage, car wrap and canvas prints. He's been crazy accommodating and awesome to work with. Plus he has super fast turn around-most things within 48 hours.

And I mentioned this before, but Ryan Byrd designed a wonderful website that I'm already getting compliments on. He worked with me on concepts plus he doesn't freak when I ask him my password [again]. Also, his wife Christen came to my house and took photos of some of my treats for the website as well. They were both great to work with and talented at their arts.

Outside of the branding and marketing aspects, I've had people just plain recommend me to people. That's huge. HUGE for me. For two reasons- obviously I'm not going to have new business unless people hear about me. But secondly, you guys believe in me enough that you're willing to put your reputation on me. That means so much to me.

I've had people place orders, some more than others (*cough* Kerri Case) Seriously, if I had a kid, I could send it to college on Kerri's orders alone. Instead, I keep the pups in the chew toys that they've grown accustomed to. :) Thank you, everyone who has placed an order. (Even those outside of driving distance who had to have some of my cookies shipped!)

Thank you to those who have liked me on Facebook, followed me on Twitter, tweeted about me, checked into my empty bakery, or shared a link to me either on Facebook or your blog or just told your neighbor that you know someone opening a bakery. It really does mean a lot to me.

Thanks to my friend Scotty Adams, who helped get me involved in the Signature Chefs event and walked around wearing one of my aprons and handing business cards to anyone who would listen to him. Speaking of that event, his wife and one of my best friends Heather rocked at keeping me in supplies while Luis and Monica helped me plate and pass out desserts.

And thanks to those of you who have offered to help. Just knowing that I don't have to do this alone is a huge comfort. Sometimes it's just an email with suggestions or recipes or things you've found online that I might be interested in, but it's all been great. And, know that in the next week or two I will be taking you all up on your offers to help. I've been collecting a bakery's worth of supplies and stock piling my house. I'm going to need help moving all of that to the bakery! And painting. I might need help with that too. And floors. Which, we ordered at Lumber Liquidators and they had been put even further on sale!

OK, I guess this love fest has gone on long enough. But I just wanted to put it out there that I am so thankful for all of you. Especially you, the one still reading this really long, boring and sappy post.