Brad and I have long argued over music. It's one of the few things we completely disagree on. This conversation took place after he turned off an LMFAO song off.** 

Me: What are you doing? That's a good song. 

Brad: I don't like to bump out with my rump out. I like to rock out with my cock out.* 

Me: Really? Well I like to bump out with my rump out.

Brad: You can use that if you like. 

Me: What?

Brad: "Bump out with your rump out," I know it's awesome, you can use it.

Me: {rolling eyes} Oh, thank you. 

Brad: That's not a sincere thank you, I'm taking it back, you can't use it. 

Me: Oh, are you going to trademark it? 

Brad: No, I'm going to Brad Mark it. Boom. Brad Mark the Brad Mark.

*In his defense, he had watched American Wedding the night before and was channeling Stiffler. 
** And please, don't judge me on the LMFAO, I really do like to bump out with my rump out.