Guess what you can ask me now?

How's the bakery?

That's right! I open Friday! But, because of the constant last minute stuff up there, I've been far too busy to blog about all the stuff I've done. This past Sunday I hosted a small preview party for some blogger friends. They got to see the progress (not nearly what I had hoped) and sample some of the treats I will be carrying.
I have to go get some sleep because tomorrow? I have to bake. So, in the mean time, go visit my friends' blogs and show them some love for, well showing me some love.
(It's just one big love fest over here.) And with typing that, I am officially too tired to be writing, so I'll leave it to them.
In no particular order (maybe in the order that I found them, or something.)
Kyran at Planting Dandelions
Kerri at Damn You Little Rock
Greg  at The Dad Thing
Katie (and part 2) at (Not) Coming
Melissa at Run Melissa Run
Kat at Kat and Karl
Gina at Desperately Seeking
Jessica at Adventures in Futility and knitting
And Tonya did a really cool piece using Storify.

AND, an article in the Arkansas Times Eat Arkansas blog.

Thanks so much to everyone who was able to come out on Sunday, it was a fun event and the 'oohs' and 'ahhhs' were much needed encouragement to get through the rest of this week! Hope to see everyone for the Grand Opening on Friday! And I'll be back to blogging soon. You know, after I sleep.