My biggest before and after

So I wrote this post today while at the bakery and clicked 'save' about a billion times.
It did not save. And as any blogger (or writer) knows, the second time around is not nearly as fun. Either way, here goes.

I can't believe that we managed to take this:

And turn it into this:

And I big puffy pink heart it. I love that it's well, pink. I love how new and pristine it is.

I love how wonderfully the pictures turned out. The ceilings are so tall that you can't tell those canvases are three feet tall. My friend Kyle did a wonderful job shooting my cakes, and Scott at Poster Boy did a great job on the canvases. They're so pretty.

I love the register area and my cloche jars. So pretty. Brad and I built that register/display area in about five hours (not sure if that's good or bad) but I had a migraine and was exhausted.

This is the side view of my window display. I love that display.  (Obviously, I love all of it. I'm a bit biased.) I love that everyone who walks by stops and I can hear them ooooh and ahhhh over my cakes. It's rewarding, to say the least.

And aside from the cost of getting everything up and running, it's all going well. I had a great grand opening day (despite opening at 2 that afternoon, instead of that morning. I'm not going into it.) and that night we had a ton of friends stop by to support me. It was pretty great. So, that's it for now. While I'm excited to finally BE in the bakery, I'm kind of tired of talking about it. So, this will probably be the last bakery-related post for a little while. I'll just have to find something else to bore you guys with.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the mixer is at home in the bakery and it works. (And, I can't even smell the garlic on it anymore.)